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Cooling problems hitting your pocket book

Hundreds of homeowners found out that they had attic ventilation problems during the heat wave last week. There are more of them out there, but they don’t know or haven’t figured out that their attic is adding to their cooling problems this summer. Pennies, nickels, dimes or even dollars are being lost to poor attic insulation every day. You may not notice that your cooling bills are larger than they should be, but you do notice when your air conditioner doesn’t keep up on an extremely hot day.  Flip a coin or venture a guess; is your air conditioner dirty and in need of servicing or has your attic developed an insulation or ventilation problem over the past few years?

A/C Can’t Keep Up!

The wake up call for a lot of Chicagoans is when their air conditioner doesn’t keep up on a particularly hot day. More often than not this problem can be fixed. With a phone call to a local HVAC or attic ventilation and insulation professional, you can get your home cooling well once more and save money on your electricity bills the rest of this summer, and winter, and the next summer and winter, and simply put, fixing an attic ventilation or insulation problem saves you money for years to come!

Do it Yourself or Go Pro?

“Do it yourselfer’s” can rent equipment to blow insulation into their attic space without the assistance of a professional. If the job is done right, they will save money, but if they make a mistake, they could make the problem much worse. It is not just insulation that causes an attic to get to hot, it’s also ventilation problems that cause excessive heat buildup in the space. That hot air in the attic needs to be removed and replaced with the much cooler outside air. Call an expert in the attic repair business to evaluate your attic problems. Professional work will help you maximize the results and possibly even save more in the years to come!

Article source: Cooling problems hitting your pocket book